Is the Country Ridge All Season truly all season?

I am looking at a 2011 CR41RBQB (option A), in the brochure it says "enjoy your Country Ridge year round". The dealer was unable to tell us what makes the unit a completely year round usable camper (I live in New England). She kept referring to the "enclosed belly" and kept reiterating that we needed to keep the heater on. She told us the lines were not heat wrapped nor were there heating rods in the holding tanks; which begs the question how is this an all season camper? Any light that can be shed on this is greatly appreciated. BTW, it was beautiful, I fell in love.


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Hi Carlene,

Please contact Brian Linn, our Brand Manager for Country Ridge and he can answer any questions you may have on this product.

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Brian Linn
(574) 266-3992
MPG/Edge/Country Ridge Brand Manager