Is this normal?


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These pics look just like mine :) Mike, if you're looking for more space, look behind the panel to the right of the stove and the dummy panel under the sink as well. There's a ton of unused space in both areas. We're planning to use the 9" or so bit to the right of the stove for a pull-out trash can. We also plan to box out the area under the sink better, then remove the outside slide-out two-burner stove (which we never use, it's too high for comfort) and close that off. Then we'll frame in a shoe storage area inside under the counter where it used to go.

I'll post this under mods as I get it done.
16375343828126858880578956643025.jpgthis is our kitchen, we have 4 drawers next to the stove and we removed the dinning room table and chairs and replaced them with the cabinet. We also do not have an outside kitchen for the reason you mentioned, it wouldn't be used. Inside we have a plethora of space and places to put stuff, it's outside storage, this is where we "sacrificed". We only have the "big one" & the one in front which is just space for a generator.


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