Jay and Stella Coffman's Itenerary to Hershey PA


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
After the Heartland National rally, we decided to explore the state of Michigan this summer. When we left Goshen, we went to:

Detroit-Greenfield RV Park in Ypsilanti MI
June 23-26

Addison Oaks County park in Leonard MI
June 26-July 10

Timber Ridge RV Park in Traverse City MI
July 10-17

Macinaw Mill Creek in Macinaw City MI
July 17-24

Munising Touist Park campground in Minising MI
July 24-August 1

Magnus RV Park in Petoskey MI
August 1-15

Hungry Horse Campground in Dorr MI
August 15-September 1

Elkhart Campground in Elkhart IN
September 1-8

Ridge Ranch RV Park in Newton Falls OH
September 8-12

Conewago RV Park in Elizabethtown PA
September 12-19

If you live nearby or will be traveling near, please let us know so that we can get together.


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Man Jay I am so jealous! We got back home yesterday after 33 days on the road. It was a blast and I am ready to go again. We have been back in Texas for a week and it has been over 100 degrees every day I think. Have a wonderful time in your travels and we will see you and Stella in Canton in October.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders
We are having a good time here at the Addison Oaks park. We met some of our friends from the Woodlands here and been having a ball. It's hot today but not quite as bad as Houston has been and they're predicting rain for this afternoon.

Wish you were with us.... maybe someday?


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Yeah, maybe someday. Maureen did have a good time. We got to see some things we wanted to see and also got to see some old friends from Iraq days. We went to the Creation Museum near Cincinnati and stayed in a great park there called Little Farm on the River. From there we went down to Clarksville, TN near Fort Campbell for a few days and enjoyed our time around that area. Stayed in a COE park at Stillhouse Lake in Salado, TX and visited some friends and then made it home yesterday.

I am already looking at routes and dates for Gillette. I think we are going to do the same thing and make it a month long trip and take in the sights in that part of the country.


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... am already looking at routes and dates for Gillette. I think we are going to do the same thing and make it a month long trip and take in the sights in that part of the country.

I like the sound of that Buddy. I think a lot of Heartlanders are planning on making a vacation out of the Gillette rally either on their way to or home from it.

Jay and Stella - sounds like you are planners just like me :) I plan at least 1 year in advance, every trip, to the extent that I am able.

Have fun,



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Buddy, we need to sit down and plan a trip from Texas! Maybe we could get a couple more people from the Great State to convoy with us. Sounds like a good time.

Jim, we're pretty excited about the trip. And can't wait until next year!


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We're getting real excited about going to the big show and seeing all our Heartland friends again.


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Hey Jay, sorry I missed you in Michigan, hectic schedule with deb having to work (chuckle) and all. Hope to catch you again. Sounds like you are having a great trip. We spend a week every year at Timber Ridge with the grandkids, great park for them and us. say hi to that old guy Tom when you see him.


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Hey Gerry,
We are looking forward to Timber Ridge. When I see that old bald-headed guy I'll tell him hi.


Tom and Judy are here now spending holiday weekend with us, I will pass on the hello. We will be BBQing late this afternoon,when it cools off a bit,temp hit 100 yesterday. There new trailer is beautiful.