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Hey Jim, saw your floorplan this weekend at the FunTown RV Show in AT&T stadium. Looks like a very comfortable plan! Are you keeping the booth seating for the dining area, or considering swapping it for table and chairs?

I also noted that there wasn't a lot of food prep space. I was wondering if a small portable island might help.


I can't wait to see how y'all make it your own!


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Erika - we’re hopeful it will work for us. We’re aware of the small amount of food prep space. One butt for sure now :)

Planning to leave the booth and see how we like it.

May look at portable islands. We’ll see how the kitchen works out first.

See you and Tony in Goshen!

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UPGRADE - Refer Door Latch

My Sundance was the first in it's plant to receive the DC-only Everchill refrigerator/freezer. While small (10 cu ft I think), it's larger than the gas absorption unit it replaced.

And for us, having had 6 residential refers in the last 8 Landmarks, I wasn't thrilled with going back to a gas absorption style unit. But that's not this post is about :)

So being the first to get this Everchill refer, it seems to me they winged it on how to secure the doors for travel. There's some janky lever that rotates. And in a perfect scenario, it could hold the doors from coming completely open during travel. In practice however:
  • The rubber cap on the lower section for the refer door, falls off
  • In order to swing the latch out of the way to open the doors, it has to be so long that the doors can still open about an inch during travel!
The freezer door has yet to come open during travel, but today was our first day of significant travel with this coach (300 miles). I'm hopeful I won't have to do this for the freezer door but if need be - easy to do.

So what I did was add a "Sliding Door" latch. The pics below tell the story of this refer door upgrade.

Refer Door Latch Upgrade - End.jpg Refer Door Latch Upgrade - Front - End.jpg Refer Door Latch Upgrade - Front.jpg Refer Door Latch Upgrade - End - CloseUp.jpg
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Nice work Jim!

Thanks Jim. We've traveled 350 miles with the new latch and so far, so good. I also want to point out to readers that this refer is very securely mounted into it's space with full-width brackets, top and bottom. Point being, if a refer can move within it's cabinet, this latch type would not work.


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So it's been two years, do you have a long time user report?

Yes - love them. We've not only used them since May 2019, but we were full-time in them for 5 months straight in 2020. Since we don't sit at the booth dinette for meals, we ordered 3 swivel tables for the 3 arms of the 2-chair theater seating configuration. Love it.

Other Heartlanders have different models from the same manufacturer. I know Kathy Adams still likes her's and they're a couple years older than mine. Pretty sure Kevin and Nelly like theirs as well.

For the cost, this seems like a good balance of features and quality.

Do order the 7000 series real leather if you get them. It's held up real well.