Jensen DV2007 DVD quality


Just purchased a 305 road warrior. It has a Sharp TV. For DVD playing it is hooked up to a Jensen DV2007. The DVD,s picture quality is sub par, kind of blurry not to sharp of picture. TV has good picture on everything except DVD,s. Changed settings on the JENSEN from 4:3 to 16:9 no difference in quality. I know all is still under warranty (2 days old) if someone could help out it will save me a trip.
I have checked connections to TV and moved them around also.


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I'm sure the folks from ASA will get back to you probably Monday. They are a very reliable company and have been very good at helping our owners with problems.

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If you check the back of your TV you will most likely find the DVD player is hooked up with "RCA" cables. And the DVD player is good for what it does, but if you are looking for a good picture you would be better off getting a standalone DVD player. BLU Ray players have come down enough that one of them would be an even better choice. BR players "up convert" DVD signals, usually giving a superior picture to a standard DVD.
Costco players are priced good and include an HDMI cable.


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I represent ASA Electronics, the producer of the JENSEN brand of televisions, stereos, and speakers and the Voyager brand of observation monitors and cameras. At ASA, we strive to provide excellent customer service and product satisfaction and would like to offer some assistance in this matter.

We will need additional information in order to better assist you with this. It would be best for you or your dealer to call us for more troubleshooting. You can reach us on our toll free technical support line at (877) 845-8750. We are available M-F 8:00 AM until 6:00 PM EDT.

We look forward to hearing back from you.


mine is not reading the dvd has anyone had this issue and is there a quick fix or is it back to the dealer?
We had the same problem, but ours would only read older DVD's. New DVD's and Disney movies it would not read. Found out newer movies are more likely to be encriped. Called the dealer and he put us in touch with the manufacture and they had us pull out the unit and they sent use a new updated one. There should be a way to update these units from your computer. Check to see if yours will read an older movie to see if that is your problem.



RE: Jensen DV2007 DVD player - not playing DVDs. Yep, same problem here, had always assumed that it was our DVDs (old, scratched). After having the original one replaced within warranty and the second player having the same problem, just assumed it was us, never thought it could have been the player since we got ours original in Summer of 2007 (Fleetwood model year 2008). Who would have thought it wouldn't read DVDs in the same year it was manufactured. Was excited to see someone was able to get a replacement from Jensen - just tried it though and they say ONLY if you are still within warranty. Turns out that same model was still being installed through 2010(?) - better hurry!