Jensen TV Fix for "Mysterious Power-On" Issue


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Jensen LCD Television

Initial Issue Date: 08-Apr-2008

Issue: Some production runs of the 26” and 32” Jensen LCD TV sets turn themselves on from an off state (19” sets are not affected).

Solution: Jensen has corrected this in current production units

If this issue is occurring with your 26” or 32” Jensen LCD TV, below is the process for getting this taken care of:

Interim Solution (present through end of April):

Work with your Heartland Dealer to have them contact ASA to arrange for the replacement of your TV set.

May 1 and going forward, do either of these 2 options:
  1. Contact ASA Customer Service at 877-845-8750 to have ASA send you a device that will allow you to flash (update) the firmware in your TV to correct the problem.
  2. Contact a Heartland dealer or service center to make arrangements for them to obtain the device, setup your appointment, bring in your trailer and have your TV’s firmware flashed (updated).

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