Keeping the drawers closed


Evans & Lana
We are having problems with keeping the drawers closed while driving down the road. Any ideas as to what to do to solve this problem? Evans & Lana

Gary F

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Had same issue on mine, notice this after I brought the coach home from the dealer. Went to Home Depot and purchased child safety catches and installed them on all of the drawers.

Not sure why this wasn't discovered by the professionals that design, manufacture and quality inspect these coaches.

Tom of Ypsi

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Same problem but mostly on very bad roads. I usually just give the drawers an extra push and most of the time they stay closed. Last week we were on a very bad heavily traveled road and my entry closet door even came open. Should find out tomorrow if they stay closed as I will make sure I double check before I head out. If the drawers open again I guess I will be putting that in my must fix list also.


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We use a yardstick that is stuck into the drawer "pulls" to keep the drawers shut. It has worked well so far.


suggestion for doors

The drawers in the kichen stay closed pretty well because they have a catch on the bottom. The rest of the drawers do not. We tried to add the same catches to our other drawers but it turned out to be quite a task. The easy solution was welcro strips added to the bottom faces of each drawer. Now no matter how rough the roads the doors stay closed.

Good luck


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I found that the allignment on the catches are crucial. I went around and adjusted all of the catches so that they are straight and they land exactly in the middle. I experimented with widening them but found they work best when they are as they came but lined up perfectly. They do a pretty good job now the other suggestions sound like a good supplement to having the origional latches set up right. We haven't resorted to any supplemental latch support yet.



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Most times the drawers stay closed . I adjusted a few of them for better catching, And if they do open there is nowhere for them to go as an Kit island or bed will block the opening ... Except for that pesky drawer under the reefer .I finally had to add an auxiliary catch ( from Lowes-69 cts.). That solved the last problem .


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We added standard kitchen cabinet magnetic catches to ours and they stay closed in pretty much all conditions....and if not, the right bounce and they close and stay closed.


Drawers swinging open every time your RV hits a bump on the road is not only distracting but can also cause damage to your RV. should try applying these quick fixes to keep RV cabinets closed: anti-slip mat, bungee cord or rope, magnets, etc. A magnet only works on cabinets or drawers located at the bottom. Also, you might need to hold the carpet in place, especially during bumpy rides.
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Knock on wood, for the most part we don't have a problem. However, in the pantry, we have 3 drawers behind a door and the top one has a mind of it's own on opening up when under way. To solve this, took a swim noodle and made a "C" shape out of it, and placed it "C" side down in the gap between the drawers and framework of door. Wallah, no more open drawer.