Kitchen light


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We were not happy with the kitchen light over the island so I made a new maple box but not as deep as the old one and stained it to match the existing cabinets. I also removed the kitchen light circuit from the lib system and installed a separate dimmer and switch on the wall under the thermostats. Now we don’t have to open the cabinet door just to turn on the island light.CDAF52BB-1593-43A0-A09E-BBB1EF37BD88.jpg5804BB3F-2885-49E5-9872-19B24FAA2D95.jpg2A3BBE4D-FFDA-4B5B-987B-61E8AD5144BD.jpgF8E6067E-3547-4723-833B-5B593CD106D0.jpgD0797282-1167-4EF0-8716-3657336BA53B.jpg23AD79C3-6B4A-4A0B-AD02-2D8FD728FFE3.jpg