Landing Gear Hydraulic Leak


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I noticed a hydraulic fluid leak today in my front compartment, it's in the center and when I looked up I could see fluid dripping from the hose. I have a feeling that a bike handle ( I hang the frames in the front compartment) might have hit the hose and split it ( ? ) and that's where the fluid is coming from. Has anyone had to repair a hose, I was thinking of cleaning it and wrapping Gorilla Tape around it if I could figure out where the split is. I'll take any suggestions! Changing the hose looks like a bear of a job.


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That's a high pressure hydraulic hose. Remove & replace, I believe, is the only option.

That is correct. The hose is not that expensive Any auto parts store with the ability to build hoses will do it. Either block up the front end or hook up the truck, remove the hose and take it to them.


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Seems odd that hitting the hose with the bike would cause a problem. Although it might.
Is it possible that the oil is running down the hose from a higher place, like a fitting above or maybe the hose abraded going through a wall?



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The likelihood of bumping a hyd hose numerous times resulting in a leak are very low compared to the likelihood of bumping a hose and putting a strain on the metal fittings crimped to the ends of the hose, or the fittings the hose threads onto. We run factory operations where kids (anyone under 50) will walk on, stand on, set on hoses in the factories with no issues to the hoses. However, we do replace numerous broken hyd fittings through getting pulled, bent, jarred, etc. etc. With luck, it will be a hose, because if it is a metal fitting, at times, there are also thread damage situations to go along with it. As previously stated, secure/support your load, get some diapers/rags to catch the oil when you disconnect the hose to investigate, and, and, and, good luck.......


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I definitely have to do more investigation, I think all of you have brought up valid points, loose connection, replace hose, etc. I do need to figure out where the fluid is originating from. As far as changing it, that's a problem the site we are on currently until the beginning of May won't allow me to hitch the truck up without blocking the road. I might be able to hitch up and move the trailer back on the lot. I'll have to look into that. I'm hoping it's a loose connection. LOL


Maybe you could borrow a couple of cement blocks and some boards and put under the front of the unit by the jacks and that way you could remove the hose or do whatever you need to do.

Jim M


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Getting to the hydraulic piston connections on the two front legs looks like it will be more of a challenge then jacking up the FW. I was down on my hands and knee's Monday looking and there isn't much room to get in and work on them and access from inside compartments is next to impossible. Curious on how you work on the front Pistons?