Landmark Entry Door Window Blackout


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I didn't like the way the original frosted glass in the entry door caused the entry area to be so hot in direct sunlight. So I removed the glass and replaced it with a 1/8" x12.5"x 21.5" tempered glass panel over-laid inside with a total blackout film. This eliminated the heat issue 100% and provided better privacy without any kind of interior shade. It appears to be tinted from the outside to match the other windows but you cannot see through it at all. If I want to see out I peek around the corner through the slide-out window.


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Now that's an interesting idea. We replaced our door window with a stain glass and put a piece of plexiglass on the outside to act as an insulation piece. Don't have any real temp differences now.


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Nice job Paul
We did the dark tinted window and have found I really like being able to look out it during the day. Of course at night it's the opposite people can see in and we can't really see out.
Seems that we like to look out it in the morning to see what's going on out there.
Seeing in at night hasn't really been a problem yet.

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I'm not positive but, I believe painting the window black will absorb more heat and be worse than normal.

Yes, painting it black does not have the reflective properties like the black-out film. It would become just as hot as the original frosted glass.