Looking to buy a 2016 Heartland PROWLER ?30PRLS


I’m looking at a 2016 Prowler 30PRLS which seems like a good deal, but my wife and I are leery about buying after all the negative posts. We’re just going to park it on our site and it will never move again. Please give us some advice. We bought a new class a at the Tampa RV show one year and the POS was nothing but trouble. We never even got it back to Connecticut without it falling apart. I’m not going to bash the brand here, but we worry now. Could you all help us out. You guys have them, so lay it on me, good or bad. Thanks in advance, Dave


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Any rig can/does have issues. Keep in mind, all of the negative reviews on anything are made by people who are upset/mad about their product they own.
Our rig has had a sidewall crack, broken spring hangars, transfer switch for the refrigerator go out, cord reel stopped working, satellite antenna stopped locking on satellites. All which has been repaired/replaced.


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If your handing at fixing things then any rig is worth looking at up to a point.Keep in mind this rig has no factory warranty,if you are buying from a dealer they may offer a warranty period.it doesn’t matter who manufactures theses RVs....they all have issues,some worse than others.
Take your time when inspecting this unit,look for signs of leaks,such as soft floors,delamination,musty smells.etc....
Don’t be in a hurry to do your inspection...try everything,stove,fridge,both electric and propane,awning,slides,check roof for tears,inspect age of tires,if they are towmax or trailer King they are garabage. check the DOT date for age,check all caulking to see if it was kept in good condition etc...Don’t be in a hurry during your inspection.
Remember they are trying to sell and you are the one with the money ,so if they are in a hurry, maybe they are trying to hide something.
Good luck


Thanks guys for the help. I’ve had three motorhomes so I’m handy and I definitely know things break. That’s fine. The unit is coming to my permanent camp site, so I don’t have to worry about springs or tires and stuff like that. It’s going to sit on blocks and never move again. This is my extremely inexpensive home on Cape Cod. Once I have the trailer, it costs me $3600 for the summer! I’m mostly concerned about leaks and any really major problems. Now I could really trash my second motorhome I bought brand new, but I see a lot of them around, so I’m sure other people have had success with them. When I talk about it, people will say that they’re surprised because they thought it was a good brand, so who knows. I really appreciate the help. This has been a month long ordeal trying to replace our 1984 Corsair mostly because of size and a tree in the middle of the driver’s side.


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Well, if you can move to a 5th wheel, we will be listing/selling ours in about 3 weeks. You can see a lot of the RV in the video's I've done. (link in info below)

Features from Factory:
  • Full Body Paint.
  • 3 slides with awning toppers
  • 2 power awnings
  • 6-point hydraulic auto leveling
  • 2 air conditioners
  • Furnace & fireplace
  • 18 cu ft fridge
  • 2 Fantastic fans
  • Power theater seats with Heat and Massage
  • Sofa with bed
  • Big screen TV
  • Coffered ceiling

Upgrades we’ve done to the RV. Most of the upgrades can be seen on our YouTube Channel

  • IC2000 – 2000w watt inverter & converter, that powers & charges entire RV
  • Lippert Solid Step
  • Washer & Dryer
  • Furrion 3 Camera – Rear (with microphone to display in cab and 2 side cameras)
  • Lippert Storage Box – Great for stuff like wheel chocks and hoses
  • WIFI Ranger – Pull/Enhance WiFi signal from up to 2 miles away and hotspot support
  • 540 Watts Solar
  • GoPower MPPT Solar Controller
  • RV Light - Switch Box Control
  • Wireless Lighting Control in Master Bedroom
  • Reese Airborne Sidewinder – Tow with short bed truck WITHOUT have to use slider hitch
  • Upgraded "Denver" Mattress – So comfortable. No more numb shoulders and hips
  • Custom Receiver Hitch – Carried WR450 motorcycle. Great for bikes or a motorcycle

RV has been stored inside our custom pole barn.


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There is an RV certification for RV inspectors, and there are independent pre-sale inspectors out there (Like Home Inspectors).