Looking to buy a 2019 Mallard M27


As the title says, my wife and I are considering buying a 2019 M27. We will be living in it full time while between homes (about 6 weeks). After that we will be leaving it hooked up on property, near wine country, as a weekend getaway. We will also be using it as a camper/traveler a few times a year. Are there any major issues to look out for? Does anyone have any advice for us before we buy?


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I would highly recommend having it inspected by a certified inspector. That way, you won't be surprised by any issues that may already exist, or perhaps are on their way to becoming an issue. I wish I had done with both my purchases (one new, one used).
We purchased a used 2019 M27 Mallard in May, 2021. We were able to get a portion of the original owner's extended service plan included. It was transferred over into our names. I believe it is good until 2023. You should ask if there is one available to you. The inspector is a great idea also. We found numerous things broken on ours but I was able to repair them.