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We just purchased, and are living in, a 2011 Big Horn. Our service guy could not find the propane detector in our kitchen are or anywhere, actually. Where could it be? I understand it is required by law and best tied to the 12v system. Any ideas from other Big Horn owners? Our sales guy says "it has to be there somewhere".


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You don't tell us which model Big Horn you have and they are mounted in different areas. If your couch will move look behind it or any place in the living room/kitchen area close to the floor. I'm sure some others will jump in soon also with suggestions.

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If you have a rear entertainment floorplan, you may find it on the rear wall, down low. Btw, when you do find it, you should think about replacing. It's 5-6 years old, which is probably near end of life.
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If you can connect a weak, low voltage battery in place of the main battery, the propane detector should start beeping low voltage. Then you can track it down. It might even do this if you disconnect the main battery, but I am not sure of this. The propane detector power source does NOT go through the 12 VDC fusepanel for safety reasons.
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