Mad as **** useless furnace manufacturers installation


I have had this trailer since end of 2018. It is a POS. I have fixed most of it, La Mesa rv fixed some of it, refused the biggest stuff, like leaky windows and a FUBAR SLIDE BOX that is out of square.

Any who, the furnace has always been noisy as he'll, rattled to high ****. Only low heat in the aft area, not ,much in the bath and nothing in the bedroom. 4 years latter I dig into it.

I pulled the furnace, it was mounted with 2 of the 4 screws, the intake and exhaust was 1/4 low. The duct to the rear was OK.

1 4inch duct to the front was shoved in a 3 inch hole in the floor. Collapsed and mostly closed. I am guessing for the water tanks. Another front 4 inch duct wnt to a 2 inch T then to the mid ship register.

The 2 inch went forward to under the shower. Then back to a 4 inch T to the bathroom. This barely had any air flow.

The the final leg to the bedroom. Was collapsed completely as the hole from the shower wall to the bedroom was 3 inches off and 1 inch apart.

Screaming insued.

And the oven range was holding on by 3 loose screws.

I made a new furnace mount. Fixed the oven range mount.

I replaced the 4 registers with ones that will close.

Routed the forward midship duct with 2 inch into the belly with a back flow damper to keep dust out.

The other forward duct 4 inches all the way to the bathroom and 4 inch to the bedroom.

And all the trash and sawdust left in the walls.

I still need to replace the 36 inch water lines at the water heater with .... 16 inch lines.

I will never ever buy another
Thor made brand
Ultra light anything
Any bread new RV.

Rant for years


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I feel your pain. I have been in mine for just over a year and probably have 95% of the stuff finally repaired. All of my issues were from sloppy installation of appliances or parts during the build. I'm guessing Heartland needs new folks out there in their main office.


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Problem is that they are sooooooo busy that the units are being thrown together,and the people building them have very little to no knowledge on how to build them. It’s on the job training.


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I think it had a lot to do with Covid. Probably some of the experience left & never returned. Same material and design at about the same price point. So if you are willing and able to struggle through a year or so correcting everything you can still end up with a decent RV.


Joe, than you.
Rhodes, yep, pushing the crews to be faster, not better. All about the dollar.
Mr Comer, 2018 Heartland Sundance xlt trailer.
This is a pre covid unit.
the converter was not bolted down at all. A 12v 50a circuit breaker was just randomly bolted to the floor, the duct (steel wound wire) was sitting on top of it.

I would live to find the knuckle head who QAd this unit.

Oh and the long propane hose from the tong to the 4 appliances is only big enough to service 2 at a time, black pipe here I come.



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Don’t get me started on propane lines. They had my stove feed line ran across the sharp back edge of the oven box. At about 6 months of traveling it finally rubbed a hole and was leaking. I tore everything apart and there an obvious void where that feed line was supposed to be installed. Almost blew us up!


My stove line was leaning against a long screw from the refrigerator compartment. A 3 inch screw to hold a warning tag. No damage but ****!

but my wife loves it so I still work on it.
The next owner is gonna be one lucky SOB.


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Same page Capt, we like the floor plan and it works great for us. Will start looking for a house in the next couple of years so someone will get a prefect TH.


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Ditto with our Milestone 386BH. We bought the floor plan, not the screws. :) We had so many issues in the first few months I made an hour-long video walking through it all, and I have some new mods/improvements to tackle this year as well. But we still love it.


Those guys are a joke,
When I retired will get thier certification as I hit the road. I will be an old dude fixing other people's problems on their RVs and sending the videos directly to the manufactures to the Point I. Ecole such a pain they come at me with threats of legal action... revenge will be mine.


Nice try Kirk, but RVIA is a manufacturers certification like a CO on a home. But nobody seems to care to enforce the standards for membership.


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It is like the BBB. When I had my small contracting company the Better Business Bunch wanted over $300 a month to let me join. I had three employees and I told them to stick it. My biggest competitor, a large company who had around 500 employees and did expensive shody work belonged and never had negative complaints! RVIA basically just sells a cool looking sticker to RV manufacturers for a stiff price IMHO.