Maiden voyage Fuel 250 with two street bikes

I should have got more pictures of the trailer but here they are.
Found the perfect chock positions for two bikes. The leftmost one used the
front tie downs on the steel auto-chock which was bolted in 4 places to the floor.
(I used 5/16" recessed inserts about an inch long). The front one was bolted
in 4 places also but used the built in tie downs.

Did about 2400 miles with the trailer getting to several destinations to ride.

Learned some mods I need to do but overall I was very impressed with the trailer.

I can't seem to get the pic of the two bikes to upload correctly so you'll need to look
sideways. :)


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In all the years Ive hauled bikes I never bolted the stand down. I like the insert idea would look much cleaner than screw holes.
This is the first time I've used 'stands'. I always have used simple wheel chocks but strapping the bike in requires a lot of
finesse, or a 2nd person. I put the inserts in for my Stainles Steel Chocks (I have 4 in a 4 place Snowmobile trailer), then
decided to put the self locking chock/stand in. One is a chock that needs to be bolted, one is the stand style. I feel better
having them bolted down. Worked well for two trips now with large street bikes with bags and crash bars. An almost 900lb
Indian, and a VRod with bags probably 750 wet weight. Nothing came loose on either trip.

I'm really impressed with the stand chocks - Cheap $$$ at Harbor freight, the one with a stand is a Condor clone but much
cheaper. Makes strapping them in much easier compared to conventional chocks.