Mass 2017 Rally Poll

Where would you like to see the MA Rally in 2017

  • Coastal Connecticut (Mystic CT area)

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  • Lakes Region of New Hampshire

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  • Off Cape ( KOA in Middleboro MA )

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Founding MA Chapter Leader-retired
Looking for some input from the group: Where would you like to see the 2017 Mass Rally be held? I would like to start working on this now so we can actually plan to hold a Rally during rally season in 2017. Absent from this list is Cape Cod ( on cape ) since there are no RV venues that will work with us for a rally in the summer months. They don't need us and they don't want us. Coastal Maine could be an issue as well but there are some that we can work with if we start soon enough.

( This mirrors the Pole on the Facebook Page )