Max Lift of all Stabilizers


I recently was in a flash flood. Water entered in the lower front of my rig, dropped the under belly, fortunately no damage. So to my point:
If I wanted to override the leveling stabilizer, and lift the rig front and back to their highest point. (I.e) lifting the rig off the ground; how do I override the system? It on seems to allow me to lift the front and not the rear stabilizers. I’ve tried both control panels.
Thanks David


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Hi ENG2242,

Sorry to hear about the flood. The answer depends on what type of leveling system your trailer has. If you have a Lippert 6 point hydraulic levelup, you can turn it on at the control panel and use MANUAL mode to raise just the front landing gear, or just the center/rear jacks. On the 6 point system, the center and rear jacks are connected and work together, not individually.

If you're trying to lift the rig with stabilizers, you'll just damage the stabilizers as they're not designed to lift or carry the weight of the trailer.

An alternative approach would be to get a pair of 20 Ton Hydraulic Jacks from Northern Tool or Harbor Freight ($40-60 each). Use them under the frame, to lift the rear. You'll need some cribbing underneath, and a 2x4 above to spread the load. For safety, you'll want to be hitched up so the trailer can't move on you.