Membership club/campgrounds comparision?


Newbies here......
Just listed the hose, and bought a 34' BH.
Currently a Good Sam member & trying to evaluate what's the next club/membership that best fits our needs and travel plans.
I know what's a good 'fit" for one RV'r will not be what's best for another.

Anyone know of a list of available club benefit comparisions?
While many memberships are territorial in some benefits, If there is a place/site to compare costs, benefits, etc. it would make a decision much easier.
Thinking of attending a RV show in hopes of a place to review some options. Am I thinking right?

Currently the only boundaries we have set for ourselves are coast to coast. lol
So lots of options open.

But need a place 250+ as a year.
So some plans just don't "work" as well as others Im hearing about.
Love some input on our search.

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We used Passport America for a few years and it paid for itself in the first week. Also if you're on the road a lot escapees may fit your lifestyle. We did it for a couple of years but we just weren't using the escapees parks enough. Both of these are inexpensive just to try out. Trace


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We FT and use Passport America, Escapees, Good Sam, Thousand Trails and Resort Parks International (RPI) for discounted parking. Passport America pays for itself very quickly since it's a 50% discount and membership is inexpensive. Due to park restrictions, we use primarily for overnight stops while traveling, but some parks allow using the discount multiple nights. Thousand Trails and RPI memberships are more expensive, but if you use their resorts frequently, cost savings can make them attractive, especially for full/timers. Also check into Resorts of Distinction (ROD) and Coast to Coast networks. Each network has pros and cons and may have more benefits (parks) in some areas of the US than others.

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thanks everyone, But has anyone ever put together a matrix comparing the memberships?
Such as ..
How many base parks?
Where r base parks located?
How many days in succession?
How many off days?
Use outside of base parks? In a network?
daily rate at "network parks?
disc %

I really feel we would benefit from a membership, or two.
But before I start my evaluation figured I would ask.