Milestone 370FLMB vented dryer


We have a 2021 Milestone 370FLMB and we are looking into getting a washer/dryer. Wondering if the combination units are all that will fit and how we would go about venting the dryer (if possible). The hookups are located in the closet of the midbunk, not on an outside wall. Does anyone have experience installing a vented dryer in this floorplan?


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We have the same model and went with a ventless combo unit. It has worked surprisingly well. The clothes feel a bit damp when you take them out, but by the time you are done putting them on hangers, or folding them, they feel dry. It took some getting used to.

I don’t see a way you could put a vented model in as there is no access to an exterior wall. You could possibly go through the floor and through the coroplast if you were really determined. But I would be worried about condensation build up in the underbelly.

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