Mods made to your Eagle/Elk Ridge


Here is a list of some of the mods we have made to our 35QSQB:
- added brackets in cargo area to carry folding table
- many hooks in cargo area for holding ropes, cables, etc.
- added drain plug in UDC convenience center
- flag pole mount at front under scare light
- Moved toyloc to front of rig (easier access than at bacl under slide)
- Added 1000W pure sine inverter to use AC power when dry camping
- Added locks to bathroom sliding doors

Plan to add:
- second 12v water pump to assist with filling fresh tank when dry camping
- sewer hose holder under carriage of rig
- rear class III hitch for bike carrier

Please share your mods and suggestions. Its great for getting ideas to enhance your rig. :D



Hi, Kevin,
We have an Eagle Ridge - 35DSRL, which we have only used once so far. Can you give me any information on how you added the locks to the bathroom sliding doors? As we often carry four grandkids with us, I would be a welcome feature.

G & M Black


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I went to lowes and got the sliding door locks it had complete installiton instructions.
it took me about 1 1/2 hours to do.
Hope this helps and sorry it took me so long to reply