My new Saiga AK 74 .223


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I bought a Saiga AK 74 in .223 I really thought this would be a fun gun and not too accurate. I scoped it and sighted it in at home at 50 yards with a lazer plug... So I thought it was good to go to the range... Man was I wrong ! I put the targets at 75 yards and got cockey... all I did was make a fool of myself ! Thankfully, the range was not full ! I finally got humble and pulled the targets back to 25 yards and started to get real. After homing in I got the target group acceptable. After tuning and tweeking I got 1 inch groups and that rebuilt my confidence. Now I am consistently holding them tight at 1" at 100 yards. That to me is impressive with any gun. I give all the credit to the scope. I will never again try to go past 25 yards on start up. My ego is big, but I'm not stupid :) Have any of you had a similiar experince ?


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Similar. When I was about 16, I saved up my nickels and bought a Winchester Model 670, 30-06. Then I saved a bit more and bought a cheap scope and high rise mounts. I sighted it in on a freezing cold day with about the same results as you described. With the target back to about 50 feet (and about a box of shells to get there) I finally found the paper. I was shooting high and left, tweaked down and to the right, and was still shooting high and left. Repeat the last sentence several times. Eventually, the something decided to move inside of the scope and the next group of rounds went way low and right. Now, I tweaked the other way and began to walk them into the bulls eye. After about 6 boxes of ammo, I got it dialed in and surprisingly that scope is still on that gun 30 years later. The last time I shot it (about three years ago), it was still right on. In addition to freezing my butt off, a very sore shoulder, and feeling embarrassed on a busy range, I surely spent more on ammo than I did on the scope. All's well that ends well, I guess.


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I know the cocky feeling I use a S&W mod 500 .50 cal pistol did really well at 50 yds got cocky moved to 100 yrds and the 2 ft by 3 ft target was just big enough that all the rounds hit the target but that not a good group.want to put a scope on it and try it again.