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Does anyone have or have experience with National Interstate Insurance for full timers? I've had AAA insurance for 30 years, but they won't write F/T coverage. One of Escapees preferred vendors (independent agent) says National Interstate coverage tends to be less expensive than Progressive and other co's that write for F/T. I believe National Interstate has ties to Was going to put this on insurance sub forum, but didn't really want input from non-F/T's since insurance for F/T vs non is really apples and oranges. TIA!

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No experience with the company you mentioned but we have They cover full time as well as part time.

Never had a claim but there rates seemed competitive. And good coverage too


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Thanks Gary. Already got a quote from BlueSky and they were "sky high"!

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We have National Interstate on our F-450 and 5th Wheel, full-timers coverage on the BigHorn, full price replacement, 100/300 person liability, $500 deductible. they are not cheap but less than some, and they do full-timers, have never had to use their claim process.


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When you finally pick your carrier circle back and let us know what your cost and coverage is. Always happy to save money.


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I wish I had heard of Nat'l Interstate, I would have gotten a quote. We had Blue Sky but rates jumped and we shopped ending up with a GEICO full time policy.


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I know you mentioned Progressive may be higher but we've been very pleased with their RV coverage before we went full time, and have had a claim since being FT and was very happy how they handled it.

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We have National Interstate insurance on our trailer. Our trailer was damaged in a accident in September in Memphis, TN. They paid receipts I sent them for repairs to get the trailer drivable so I could drive it home for repairs with in about 10 days after I sent them the receipts. The RV repair shop that did an estimate for the body damage send a claim to them and after 30 days the insurance company did not pay respond tot he claim. Keep in mind the 30 days was over Christmas and New Years holidays. After I called the insurance company a had a very serious talk with a supervisor, the check was delivered in 7 days. It might be the insurance company choked on the amount of $21,000 claim.

If you do go with them and if have a claim, keep close tabs on the processing of the claim. At this time I am thinking about canceling the the policy and going through another insurance company.

No matter what insurance company you go with make sure you add Trip Interruption to the policy.

David, if you want more details PM me with your phone number.
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We have had National Interstate since buying the Cyclone, July 2009.
At the time they seemed to have good reviews, decent pricing and I was able to add my MOR/ryde IS and disc brakes to the "replacement value" of the coverage with just the forwarding of a receipt.

Adding our golf cart was relatively painless as well, an extra $24 a year for full liability and $2500 of cart coverage.