Need advice on choosing a satellite


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Here is something funny ---- went to hook up the 211z receiver to the outside TV (wally for the inside tv). Well when we called Dish we were told can't activate the receiver because it was still listed on another person's account. The other individual bought the reciever at Camping World and returned it. Camping World just but it back on the shelf to resell, which we bought it. Didn't think anything about it when I opened the box and the batteries were in the remote already.

Can't really blame Camping World for the unit being listed on the other person's account still

So we had to take it back to Camping World and come to find out Camping World were out of the receiver so we have to wait until they get others in stock now.

I know only us will this happen to!!!!

Look on or king controls. They both sell them and probably cheaper than camping world.


If you want DirecTV in HD you have to use the oblong dish. Either on a tripod or on the room with a Traveler.
I use both, the tripod for when the roof top does not work due to trees. There are caps we go to that I have used up to 150' of coax to get a view.

When the roof top is useable it works great.

There are currently now ground based auto antennas for DirecTV, eg King.

I take the DVR receiver from the house when we leave along with one of the Genie clients.

The trailer has everything I need permanently installed so all I need is the actual receiver and client, power supplies, power cables and extra remotes etc.

I’m sure this has probably been discussed before but I’ll ask....

Well the time has come that the DW wants satellite for the trailer. I’m trying to decide which to buy. I have directv at home. Here’s what I’m considering

King domed automatic satellite KING Quest Fully Automatic Portable Satellite for DirecTV - RV Satellite Systems - Electronics

Pros: easy setup, automatically finds the signal, can have 2 TVs on one dish, small, can be mounted to RV if I choose

Cons: only SD, expensive, need to buy a receiver box

Tripod mounted SWM satellite DIRECTV SWiM HDTV Satellite Dish Tripod Kit for RV / Mobile / Portable - Satellite Oasis

Pros: cheap, can have multiple TVs, HD channels, can use receivers from home

Cons: big, more difficult setup, cannot be mounted to RV

So, can those of you with any experience with either variety give me your opinion on your setup? I don’t want to spend the $$$ for the traveler setup, so these were my two budget options.

I’m leaning towards the tripod version (I would like to use the money saved on other stuff )


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After doing some research and reading the input of others I went with a tripod. After selling the S&B the directv tech told me to grab my old dish and home equipment. At first it took awhile to get it locked in, but now I setup my iPad on FaceTime towards the tv, go to the satellite strength program, then go outside and watch the tv on my iPhone until I see the greens bars. Seems to work good and now helps me setup in about 5 minutes or so.

The biggest reason for for me NOT to go with the travlr is trees. With the tripod and 100 ft of coax hopefully I can get around any trees.

I carry 2 pieces of COAX that covers all of our needs so far.
100' 100' and about 30'

My tripod is from my transit, but the website TV4RVs has similar tripods along with some extras to make life easier.