Need wiring diagram - 2011 Bighorn 3185RL


When bringing home our 2011 Heartland Bighorn 3185RL we blew a tire that ripped all the electrical from the rear left side (driver side) of the trailer. We now have no 12v power in that pullout, nor does the refrigerator work. We have a maze of wires dangling that was ripped out of the black flexible wire housing. Our main concern is to get the refrigerator operational. We are not concerned about the telephone, satellite, tv cables at this time. Anyone have a wiring diagram for the rear pullout and more specifically how the refrigerator is connected in that wire channel that is affixed under the rear pullout.


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At the junction box on the frame under the slide there should be a 12vdc wire and 2 110vac cables, one circuit for the microwave (if inthat slide) and another for the outlets that include the fridge. The white clad cable is the outlets, the yellow is for the microwave, They all go into the slide at the floor toward the rear outside corner. The 12v fuse for that may have blown when the wires got torn out. The 110vac breakers for that slide should be okay.


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You DO KNOW that RV ammonia coolant refrigerators HAVE to have 12 volts DC for the logic circuit board in the refrigerator to select the correct operation mode (AC 110 volt refrigerant boiler heating, or propane flame boiler heating). Also the 12 volt operated circuit board automatically turns on the propane gas flow with a solenoid valve, and ignites the propane gas into a flame with an automatic spark circuit in the propane heat mode.

You can run your refrigerator on propane without it being connected to AC power; but you cannot run your refrigerator on AC electric power (or propane) without 12 volts DC connected.

There are tone RF wire tracer tools at home improvement stores that put a radio tone on a wire which is picked up by a tone receiver device which you can adjust to be more or less sensitive, to locate the wire you put the radio tone on.

Do any RF tone wire tracing with the power de-energized.

It might help to know the make/model of the refrig to tell you exactly where the 12 volts dc connection is on the refrig.


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Seeing the as the RVs are hand built, and for one that old I cant imagine there would be a wiring schematic out there. Best of luck on your project.