New 2021 Gravity and RAM Truck


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I had the Saluin tires on my last rig as well and they came on my new CY. We put over 30k miles on the last rig with the final set of tires before trading to the rig we have now. It came with Saluin tires and we have over 6k on these. I have had no issues with them over the last 4 years. I find them to be great tires, always remember to watch the inflation.


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It has the Saluin tires on it. I had those on my last TH and worked very well.

Good for Heartland for installing what some of us think are quality tires. Rv’s are expensive but paying an extra $100 per tire average on new rigs for better tires that could help eliminate a safety issue is something I think most people would be ok with.