New 38QBS and 365QBS


Love these two new floorplans.

Would be nice to have more storage in the kids bedroom.

Something similar to the 37QB would be nice, or even just a middle cabinet on the rear wall would be helpful.

Spending 3 months in a trailer with 2 girls, we need a lot of clothes storage. :)


I immediately liked the 38QBS, but was also turned off by the lack of storage in the rear bunk area. The 365QBS is out because it does not have the 2nd outside door to the bathroom. I was told these big 5th wheel campers are limited by square footage. Someone with more knowledge would know exactly,(I think it's 420 sq ft or something like that) but since these new models have a 5th slide which adds square footage, they had to be shortened.. If you look at the details they are not as long as the 37QB, which eliminates the quad-bunk storage shelves. I could be wrong, but hope that helps.