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Hello all. Just a quick post to say hello and thanks for all the info on this site. I've joined to gather some info on the BigHorn Silverado 37QB.
Im not sure if most people don't like this lineup, but I've read a few posts that say the Silverado is dragging down the name of the other Bighorn models. I have no idea how true that is but I sure like the floor plan of the Silverado, quad bunks for the kids, 2 bathrooms, and the price isn't near as steep as some others I've seen. If they're doing it for marketing reason well so be it.
We currently own a TT but with a recent purchase of a used 2500 HD Duramax my eyes have gotten real big over these monster 5th wheels. Others say the 5th wheels pull better than a TT also but I have no proof of that.
If anyone has first hand knowledge of the 37QB or can point me in the right direction I sure would appreciate it. I haven't found any used models in the upper Midwest so I'm not sure if new is the way to go. I've walked through a 2012 but would like to try to find some of the new features available. Everything on Heartlands site appears to be 2013 yet.
Once again thank you for your time and contributions to the forum.
Happy camping.


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Welcome to the forum. I think you will get alot of info here. We are happy with our Bighorn and the Silverado's look like very nice units!