New Haul and Tow RV transporter truck build..... Season II


Not just tired..... RETIRED!!!
SOLD!!! Retired again. Officially out of the RV transport business. It's been a great ride but I have too much to take care of at home including myself.

Thank you JimB, Heartland RV and everyone here for the support over the last few years transporting. Now it's time to move on to bigger and better things.


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Well, at least you have your trains.

Thanks for the build threads. Looking forward to you finishing your train thread.



Thanks for all the extra time you took to take the pictures, post the pictures and write about your rebuild or build of the transporter. It was very entertaining and also very informative.

Don't go away, you have a lot of knowledge in that head and someone will be needing the information you have stored. Just hang in there and keep us updated on your health and life.

Take care.

Jim M


Not just tired..... RETIRED!!!
No worries Jim, not parting from here unless JB gives me da boot.

Just taking a better path for me and my family.


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Thanks for sharing your builds and pics of the rig .We met briefly in Nashville and the truck looked great at that time.Hope all goes well at home for you and your family I know you shared some of your challenges here on the forum.
You are an awesome fabricator and could maybe do some fab jobs at home so you can be close to family.
all the best in the future to you


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hopefully you made some $$$ on the deal to cover your costs and time. Take care of your self and stay in touch here.
I look for your posts when I'm cruising the forum. you have good points, advice and build some GREAT things with your 2 hands and mind(knowing how you want it). Your still keepin your camper and spending time at the CG's I hope.
Again take care


Not just tired..... RETIRED!!!
Bill, Irvin,

Thank You. Thanks to all our northern neighbors whose hospitality has been second to none over the many years I have been running freight and RVs up into Canada.

I did OK with the sale, got my asking price and made some money with it for the 5 months I had it on the road. No regrets.

The camper, wife and I havn't made a decision on it yet, don't use it much like we wanted too, still on the fence about that. It got more use last year as a guest house in our own yard, using again this weekend for the same.