New Jack Leaks!!!


I would not buy a Hydraulic leveling jack from A_M_A_*_*_* again. Buyer be aware!!!
I ordered new Lippert Jack #1958604 for my 2018 Big Country and its was dead on arrival, leaked, but beyond 30 day return.31Z-mgCU-aL._SR120,120_.jpg
This Big Online middle man uses third party suppliers and who knows who else. Bottom line, I'm out $541.

Buy direct from Lippert, sign up for new account, get 50% off with 1 year warranty on factory new jack.


Staff member
So either it was defective from Lippert to the seller to you, or it was not a new part. If Ama*** sold it to you as a NEW part, and it was used, you should ask for a refund on that basis. If it was NEW and defective from Lippert, you should call Lippert Customer Service and ask for a replacement.