New link on Portal for Apparel Site


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Hey all,

We just added a new element to the Portal page (link). In the center column, above the brand community banner images, is a banner image for Heartland branded items. If you click the image, you will be taken to the Heartland company promo store. This store is run by Martin Marketing. The first page you see has apparel on it. On the left side of that page is a link to Heartland Owners Club branded items.

I had this added as sometimes people have trouble finding out where to go for this stuff. Hope this makes it easier.



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As we are getting ready for our first rally, we were looking at getting a couple shirts. The Landmark Logo is pretty plain. Compared to Big Country and a couple others. Whats up with that? It should at least look like the Landmark logo on our coach. Can this be changed during ordering?


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You might try sending Martin an email. I was interested in something with the ElkRidge logo, but they didn't have it. I emailed, and voila! It is now an option! They contacted me to say they were lacking in updating the website, and thanks for the reminder. I'm still waiting for my hats, but will post pics when they get here.