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Well the wife and I have endured the factory mattress for too long. I have been “given permission” to remedy the problem. After much research I think I have more questions than when I started. I have decided to keep the short queen size. No topper, we are replacing the whole mattress. I have narrowed my choices down to two, but am not settled because I just don’t know. Mattress Insider Luxury Mattress and Wilderness RV Montana Hybrid Mattress. I have also considered Dynasty, Zinus, Lucid, and a few others. I have concerns where people report mold after use on memory foam, seems like no breathing under the mattress because of the solid base. Sleeping hot is a big no go, which the gel supposedly fixes. The Hybrid I just don’t know anything about in general, but looks promising. I have a select comfort at home, but don’t really like or hate it and do not want one in the trailer. There also doesn’t seem to be a whole lot of talk about the Hybrid either. Anyone have experience with any of this or suggestions?


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When we bought the Road Warrior in October 2017 we bite the bullet and bought a Denver Mattress. It is a memory foam and comfortable. Both of us like it. But the down side was the cost about $1100 at the dealership for the RV King size.


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We really love our Dreamfoam Bedding Doze, 11" Plush Pillow top mattress from Amazon. We bought the queen for our North Trail and a King size for our Bighorn Traveler. Not a bad nights sleep from day one. Currently the Short Queen is going for $230.00. And if you don't want the 11", it comes in 2 other thicknesses as well ranging in price from $179-202.00


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I didnt want to take the thousand dollar hit, so we bought a 3" sealy foam topper for our landmark king bed. So far its as nice as we need, and very comfy.


That’s what I’m looking for, more brands I haven’t found. I would still like to hear from anyone on the Hybrid beds and the one I mentioned in particular. Just remember I’m going back with the short queen. I have seen plenty of beds I was interested in that are not available in short queen.
We replaced the factory mattress in our North Trail with a Zinus 8" queen and the wife is very happy with it. Had to extend the cover of the storage at the foot of the mattress to provide support but that was easy. we park in a location for the summer to escape the heat so and I need to deal with our blind, diabetic dog as to her nightly needs so; having set a tent under the awning, I further purchased another zinus full matress and am satisfied...especially w/price.

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I was this close to the zenith with the gel memory foam. That’s when I started doing some research and found out about mold issues. Did you get the gel or green tea model on the zenith? Is the 8” big enough? I only weigh 190lbs. Is there anything anyone knows can be done to keep from having a mold


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I can't help but wonder if the mold issues you're seeing are being raised by competitors to scare you off memory foam. People here have been buying memory foam mattresses for at least 7 years that I'm aware of and this is the first time mold has been brought up.

The only related discussion I recall is that in the winter, the temperature differential on the outside wall of the bedroom can lead to condensation on the head of the mattress where it's in contact with the walls. I don't think anyone has had a mold issue, but if left for long enough, you could have one. The problem would affect any mattress and the solution is to maintain an air gap between mattress and walls.

The heat issue is also pretty old news about 1st generation memory foam mattresses. Most memory foam mattresses made over at least the past 8 years have channels, or beads, or infused copper or other designs to transfer heat.

But that all said, it's your research and you have to be comfortable with the conclusions.

We bought an RV king mattress from about 8 years ago and have been very happy with it. We spend a lot of time in the RV, including 16 months full time with this mattress. We liked it so much that we bought the regular king version for home and were also very happy with it. A number of others here have bought memory foam from them too.


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If you plan on attending the National rally in June, most likely you will find a "rally special" on the Denver mattress. That's what we did two years ago. They even took the old one free.


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We replaced our factory mattress with a Zinus 6" Memory Foam. We went with 6" so we wouldn't lose access to the storage compartments next to the bed. I like it but, the wife isn't crazy about it. If I had it to do over, probably would go with the 8". A couple things I didn't like about it, you can't order the short queen from the Zinus website and it took 4 days to fully expand.


That’s why I came here to get better more “trustworthy” information. I actually found the copper mattress last night and like what I see vs the gel. My wife even asked if a topper would be sufficient. I don’t mind trying one, just felt I would be better off with a full mattress. Plus, if I get a full queen topper and don’t like it in the trailer I could always put it on the bed at home. The mattress in the trailer looks to be some kind of fibrous cotton or something. It isn’t in bad shape for what it is, it just isn’t comfortable at all. I lose circulation every night in it. I typically sleep on my side but occasionally on my stomach. The only time I sleep through the night is if I’m dead tired.


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There are so many choices out there. After adding a large foam topper to the original mattress in our Landmark after 2 years we had to have something better. We decided on a king Sleep Number and are very pleased.

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