New owner in Southern New Hampshire


Hey everyone, We just picked up a sweet 2014 Cyclone 4100 HD. I absolutely love it so far. I am eager to learn it more as we are upgrading from a 2004 travel trailer. This was clearly too large for my f250 so we upgrade the tow vehicle too.

Time to go somewhere,

NH Noels


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Congrats on your Cyclone purchase and welcome to the Heartland family. Cyclone is a very popular toyhauler and there is a LOT of information here in the Cyclone sub-forum. Hope to meet you at a rally somewhere.


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Congrats on the new rig! Well actually both new rigs! We bought our snowmobile trailer from your neck of the woods 7 years ago and have a mfr 50 miles from our house. Hope to hear of your adventures come better weather.