New owner with some questions


Hi everyone I just picked up a new to us 2018 Sundance 291QB. I have some questions about some things that I hope you can answer
all locks open with same key except the dead bolt on door. Is this normal and possible to rekey to just have one key? I only got one of each key so need to get a spare or two of each
the electric jack that comes on the trailers, do they have a manual mode? My fear is it being stuck in up or down position and no way to get it up/down
the previous owner never got the outside hose sprayer or quick connect propane hose for outside kitchen. Any recommendation where to get them?
Would like to add a back up camera but scared of drilling into the fiberglass. Anyone install one and any tips?
I have a 200 watt solar suitcase I built with two renogy panels. Was surprised there was no hook up for it. I will just order parts and install a quick connect port near the batteries but if someone has better suggestion please let me know.


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Congrats and welcome to the forum! The key situation you explained is common, and the bad thing is there are a lot more keys to other rigs that will unlock yours. Any locksmith should be able to remedy the situation for you or you could get one of these...

Camping World is a good place to buy accessories, not good for anything else. Your propane quick connect can be purchased there or Lowes.

If you do not have a converter built into your solar suitcase, you will need one.

And you can drill the fiberglass with a good bit if you take it slow. Or, you can use one of the existing holes behind a running light.


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To expand on RVlocksandmore, They can supply the same key for the outside slam locks and the main door as well as any cam locks. Call them for details.


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The deadbolt is the real lock with a key that's yours and isn't shared with every other camper. The key that locks the door handle is used by dealers to lock the RV while on the lot. Sales and maintenance people only need 1 key to get into every trailer. It's the same as the key held by every other RV'er in the country.


Thank you everyone for the info on my new trailer. I think I’ll just order some spare keys and keep them the same.
anyone know what what type of electric tongue jack is on these campers? I won’t be able to check on mine at the storage lot till the weekend