new owners


craig j mckeever
we just perchest a big horn 3610re.we live in florida during the winters and injoy mn in the summers looking to hear more on the mn chapter and any events u might have craig linda and missy


Southeast Region Director-Retired
Congratulations on your new "home away from home". Eventho we are not in MN, please stop in Tennessee on your way up. We would love to meet ya.
Enjoy and travel safely.


Texas-South Chapter Leaders-Retired
Congratulations on the new Coach! We were just down in Tampa the week before last and purchased a new one too. Now the wait is the hardest thing. Hopefully yours will go by fast. Enjoy your new home away from home.


Staff member
I do not think that a chapter has been established yet in MN.
Check the Portal page for chapter rallies in the states you will be going through.
I have met MN owners at rallies in WI and IA.
You are welcome at any of the rallies.


Ray LeTourneau

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cmckeever, Welcome to the Heartland Forum & Family. Depending on your MN location, you might consider joining us in WI for a rally weekend. Check the Events tab at the portal page for all up & coming Heartland activities. There may be something going on near your route north this year.