new rear camera


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last oct i bought my new furrion camera.hooked it up and it worked for a little while. lost the single a few times and it was hard to adjust the lends to see what was behind me.any way called furrion about losing the single on it they told me had to get a adaptor for it because i have a new truck they dont always work with the new trucks another 100 bucks for the adaptor put that on when we left az last week still lost the signal a couple of times. i stopped the truck pushed in the plug i think it loosen up to the signal for the camera after i pushed it in again it worked.ill put up with that untill i try to fix that any way my problem now is the screen i tryed to adjust it couldnt while i drove had the wife try to adjust it still cant adjust it right its not very good. i can see the cars coming up behind me but not clear at all. when i tryed looking at it when i was backing into my space i couldnt see very much to bright or to dark just couldnt see behind me.i had a camera in a motor home long time ago and it was realy good as i remember. this is not clear at all maybe i have a bad camera. i hope i do the camera you guys have are they good to see behind you. thanks


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no problems at all seeing behind, crystal clear, always have a good signal towing 40' 5er. Using the Furion S 7 system.


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Is there a set up where by we can use Three Furrion cameras on the 5er with our screens in the Chevy trucks so not as to clutter up the dash area?