New sneakers


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Well as fate would have it, need to get new tires for Casper. Went to tire shop last w/e for rotation only to have them tell me they can't/won't due to low tread (3/32-4/32). Foooooey. Was going to get new ones in Oct, but with upcoming long trip planned, figure to play it safe and get new ones. DW and I both agree it stinks and she asked if we can get by w/ current ones till then, to which we could, BUT if we hit any major rain and standing pockets of water, there's no place for water to go (tire tread channels) so we could end up hydroplaning despite the weight of things. After this explanation, she saw what I was talking about. So have an app't for the 10th of Sept and will be putting on Mastercraft Courser HXT's (made by Cooper). Had this brand for snow tires on a previous truck and really liked them. As my Dad would say, "It's only money".