New Sub-Forum for How-To Video Links


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This is the place to post threads containing links to How-To Videos on maintenance and repair.

Please note that Heartland employees have not reviewed these links to determine safety or efficacy.


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This is a great idea. I've started a youtube playlist of mine but I've only posted a handful of what I've made. Video processing is such a drag. :) But here are two some may find helpful:

On the very first haul-home-from-the-dealer, my microwave vent cover ripped off. This is a really simple DIY repair although you do have to be careful to note that there are two major brands of these and you need to get the correct one. If you're ordering them from Amazon pay attention to the screw hole locations. That seems to be the easiest way to tell the two apart.

This video is probably my worst, I was on a ladder and holding a camera, vent cover, sealant, and tools at the same time...

This second one is my solar install, 1200W on a Milestone 386BH. There are lots of solar installs out there and I'm far from the best videographer or expert on the topic, but it may be helpful in particular for anybody wondering exactly how much room they have to work with or options for wire-routing. One of of my favorite features of the 386BH is its vast, flat roof. Even after adding six solar panels I barely used a fifth of the available space!