New Sundance 291qb

Hi All,

I will get right to it: We are purchasing a new Sundance 291qb and we did our initial walk through to check the travel trailer. First time buying new so I am a newbie to this walkthrough. When walking the outside of the trailer, I noticed that maybe 1/3 of the windows and a failure where the caulk had separated from between the window fame and the fiberglass (I could only see the sides of the window, not the tops but looked like it kept going). I talked to my salesman about it and his response was that they would take a look.

Is this something that should worry me? The trailer is brand new so perhaps their is some contraction and expansion on new trailers and this is something that happens?

Our used heartland we just sold never had any caulk separation issues and it seemed like our older trailers windows were almost tight against the fiberglass.

The new sundance seems to have a bit more gap from window trim to fiberglass but didin't know if that was also normal since the butyl tape is new?

Going to talk with someone other than my salesman at this point as he was almost unhelpful during the entire process but everyone else there has been awesome.

Any help is appreciated, Shawn


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check everything over & make sure it's fixed before you sign the papers!!!! Take pictures & document it all for later if needed. I'd have the dealer double check all the windows for leaks.