New surge protector player on the market?? Hughes.


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Has anyone heard of. have or use a Hughes Surge protector? Heard about it on one of those pop ,up thingy's on Facebook. Seems to have some good features. Very happy w/ my PI unit, but just wondering what others have heard about the Hughes version.


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Hughes has been in business for probably twenty years starting with their autoformer voltage booster.
Don't know how long they have been making a suppressor but they are not new to RV electrical solutions.



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We are! We have the Power Watchdog with APO.

I love the app that works via Bluetooth, very informative for instant feedback on what your electricity service is doing. We also added the RV Whisper system so we can monitor it remotely as well.
Only flaw is that it does not record/retain the error on the device or app for reference if you are away when something happens.


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hughes autoformer voltage booster now has a surge module integretated into the unit, which is replaceable.

I just purchased one for our unit. I liked the idea of an integrated unit with the capability of boosting the line voltage a bit if the demand is high and the line voltage drops. It was worth the expense to me to protect our investment


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We have an older version of the Hughes Autoformer and it does not have the surge protection. We rarely use it and bought it for one particular RV park we go to on a regular basis. After seeing this thing work, I wouldn’t be without it!