New-To-Us 2013 Landmark Key Largo


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Yesterday, we picked up our very slightly used 2013 Key Largo and said goodbye to our 2011 Big Country that served us well on 18-20 outings since Oct. 2013. We upgraded with the thought of going full-time in a couple of years. Here are a few photos.



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David and Donna, congrats on the new (to you) Key Largo. Can't wait to see it.


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Welcome to the Key Largo club and congratulations. Yes, we did the same things in that we had 1 Sundance, moved up to 2 Big Countrys and now the Key Largo. The only thing I miss from our Big Country 3650 is the butler shelf. Aw well.


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You will love your 2013 Key Largo! We sure love ours....enjoy, and welcome to the club!!


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Thanks, all. We had a camp out scheduled this weekend, but it's been cancelled due to all the rain we've had in TX. It's killing me to wait for a month to take it on the road! I was in the coach today and realized it still has the "new" smell. I'm certain I wasn't just imagining it.

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