Not new to forums, but new to this one. Just bought a 2021 Elkridge 38 MB. I have been RVing since my 1995 19’ gulfstream which then I moved up to a 1998 34’ hornet, on to a 2005 38’ crossterrian 5th wheel. So many things have changed in the 15 yrs since my last purchase. Looking to find out more about some of the options my new trailer came with.

So my camper came wired for a backup camera and solar panels. I want to learn more about these options. Are they worth the money. I really don’t see the backup camera, but I never had a backup camera in a vehicle till I bought my 2011 Ford Expedition. Now my dually has one, even the wife new Jeep got bumped up to the next level to be able to get a backup camera standard. Actually I won’t buy a vehicle unless it has one. I have become to dependent on technology. Lol.

I own 2 construction companies so I back trailers on a regular basis, usually pretty open spaces so not much to worry about for obstacles plus I seldom have to back blindside. I have been in more than my share of campgrounds that I did have to back blindside and I think a camera would help with that vs having my wife try to help me which usually end up with me getting out repeatedly to see what I need to do to straighten out which is easier than bad directions and fighting.....

Second on the solar, it looks like I would only be out about $500 for a 190 watt panel since everything else is prewired. I see that helpful for keeping my battery charged but I don’t think it would even be enough to run my fridge thru my inverter because it wouldn’t even give me 2 amps at 110volts. I’m guessing my fridge probably draws at least 3.5 amps. Thoughts on this?



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As far as the back up camera I only use our for backing. I know some that use the cameras to "observe" people behind them while driving. But I really like the camera we have installed.