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I have a 2017 Cyclone Model 4005. Never been able to get a TV signal from the roof antenna to any TVs (yes, I made sure the button was pressed by the front bedroom TV so the red light is on). Also haven't been able to hook a King Tailgater DirecTV using the connections on the side panel (I think that's called a UDC where the water connections are). Only time I've had success is to connect the King Tailgater to a DirecTV box then directly to the TV (not using any onboard wiring). Very frustrating. Perhaps I'm not connecting to the correct coax ports. They're not marked and there are multiple inside and out. I attached a couple pics of my connections. Hoping someone can help.

The external pic of the UDC shows four covered coax connections at the top, and one at the bottom (behind the blue hose).

The internal pic is next to the main TV. It shows two coax connectors on the top plate and another on the third plate down (below the HDMI connector).

Appreciate any suggestions.


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I have a 2017 Big Country 3965 DSS (42 ft.) and have never been able to use the coaxial hook ups in the UDC. We have Direct TV with a Pathway X2 antenna. It was very frustrating to start out, but we learned/realized that we could not run a cable more than 25 ft. long or there is significant signal loss (or none at all).

I have been on several threads and have been told the wiring used at the factory is like a "number 2" rated coaxial wire and a lot of the antenna's need a "number 4" coaxial wire. This inferior wiring plus the fact that there has got to already be 25' a 40' of coaxial run inside the rig kind of sets you up for failure.

We ran a 16 ft. coaxial cable from the cabinet above the TV and installed a residential wall plate on the outside of our trailer in order to negate the 25' - 40' of interior coaxial and still have a "quick connection". Our antenna cable is 25' plus the added 16' still will not work. We just run our 25' of antenna coaxial through the window directly to the Direct TV box and it works pretty good. Just a little hokie running it through the window!

Hope some of this helps.


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BrianF, have you checked all of the coax connectors? You need to pull the wall plates, unscrew the F-connectors and make sure there are no stands of the shielding touching the center traveler. You must also pull the signal amplifier, the thing with the little red button. And don't forget to check the coax in the ceiling and at the antenna.
Don't get me started on the satellite wiring.
On both of my Bighorns I've just run new coax from the UDC to its destination at the entertainment center. I just had to repurpose the connections behind the UDC.
I used a DTV diplexer at the UDC to run coax from one source, the dish, to the bedroom and entertainment center.
Do you need to use a power inserter with the Tailgater?
Also the cable you need to use for satellite is RG-6.