North Trail 22FBS - Underbody bulge

I just bought a 2017 North Trail 22FBS last week and while inspecting it I noticed the sealed bottom had a large bulging area between the axles. I took the previous owners word that the bulge is where the tanks are. I do agree the bulge does appear uniform and the covering is rigid and not damaged looking like water would cause. But I still have that nagging feeling that I should ask someone about it. If you own a similar TT can you please confirm if you have the "Bulge".


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Pull a side down or cut a flap to see in there, you may have a tank falling down . I have a brace under the water tank across the frame.


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FYI if you tow in the rain, water quite often will end up in the coroplast under belly. It is a cover for the under side not a seal.