North Trail 25LRSS

I am considering purchasing this trailer.I am not familiar with north trail or heartland. Are there quality issues? I was looking at a grand design imagine with the same floor plan. Any information would be greatly appreciated! Thank you, Mike


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Hi fattuesday,

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North Trail models are very popular and it's my impression that most owners are very happy with theirs.

All new trailers are likely to have one or two warranty issues. It's a good idea to do a thorough inspection before signing the paperwork at the dealership. Test everything and have any corrective actions completed before signing the acceptance letter. It's also a good idea to stay nearby for a day or two as that will give you a chance to actually use everything in the trailer. If you make an advance arrangement with the Sales and Service Managers, you should be able to get service while you wait in the event you find any problems during that first day or two.

In any case, you'll find that Heartland is easy to work with on warranty support. Generally you would return to the selling dealer, but Heartland is also willing to authorize independent servicers and non-Heartland dealers to do warranty work - you just have to get prior approval.

If you're looking at a previously owned trailer, it's even more important to do a thorough inspection. In the RV industry, the manufacturer warranties don't usually transfer to a second owner. The only backing you'll have will be from the seller. Get it in writing.