Northeast Region Potluck Breakfast in Urbanna, VA


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The Northeast Region will be hosting a Pot Luck Breakfast on Tuesday, June 10th at 9:00am. This is not limited to those in our region and everyone is welcome to participate. Please come join us if you will be in camp on that morning.

We are trying to keep an organized list of who will be attending and what you plan to bring so we will have an idea of a head count for paper/plastic products and the like. Please email your intentions to or post them here.

Please join us for what will be another great Heartland Pot Luck meal!

Bylinski / Coffee, Paper & Plastics
Funderburg / Bacon
Strong / Scrambled Eggs
van Opstal / Grits
Schaaf / Stuffed French Toast
Holbert / Juice
Wolbeck / Potato & Corned Beef Hash
Vanderford / Sausage, Gravy & Biscuits
Hromek / Sausage Patties
Matulewicz / Fresh Fruit
Walker, J / Hash Browns
Coffman / Scrambled Eggs
Celano / Sausage & Egg Casserole
Vogt / Breakfast Casserole
Lindgren / Cheese Danish
Tims / Hash Brown Casserole
Ver Hey / Muffins
Dick / Pancake & Bacon Sticks
Volden / scrambled Eggs with Ham & Cheese
Fournelle / Assorted Muffins
Massengill / Sausage
West / Monkey Bread
Barnett / Parfait
Pederson / Cinnamon Rolls
Hickman/ Fruit Bowl
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We're in for breakfast! Potluck breakfasts are THE BEST!!!​ I don't know yet what we'll bring but it will be good. Stella is a great cook and I have extra large clothes to prove it.
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Count Carol and I in . We'd love to join in the fun. Carol says "I'll have to think about what we'll bring" so I'll have to let you know what "we" come up with.
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Please add Jerry and I to the breakfast attendees. We'll bring a scrambled egg with ham & cheese dish.


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Carol said to add Cheese Danish to our name. Carol will make a couple batches to bring. Sure looking forward to overeating once again at a Heartland event. Seems that's almost an automatic given anymore!!



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Hi Debbie,

If you have room for two more, please add Christine & I to the list. We'll be bringing lots of assorted muffins.