Oakmont Color and Decor

Hi Oakmont Owners!

I am considering a new Oakmont floorplan that has not yet entered production. I don't have a dealer close by and have not had the opportunity to see other Oakmont in person.

One question that I have concerns the exterior color? It seems most manufacturers are going with colored gelcoats. Is the Oakmont like really plain white with a painted cap an vinyl Stickers. It appears so in most pictures but some I see look more cream (Which is more to my liking than white).

My second question is about the new floor plan. Would any of you have reservations about getting the first unit off the line of a new Oakmont Floorplan vs the first of another brand? I suppose the answer to this would be a measure of tg e confidence you put in the Oakmont, engineers, assembly team, and service network.

Thanks for the input!


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I would contact Heartland Customer Service and ask to speak to someone on the Oakmont team to answer your questions. Call 574 262-8030.
Hi Jay, thanks for your reply.

The first question is pretty simple. Is it white?

The second question is intentionally NOT directed at Heartland. I have posted here because I would appreciate the input of Oakland owners, not the Heartland rep.

To digress a bit, I do have the Heartland contact info and have a couple of more technical questions in with the Oakmont rep. The rep does in fact seem responsive, unlike another manufacturer that I have ruled out largely because of the less than enthusiastic willingness of the rep to assist end customers. I understand some manufacturers aren't staffed for reps to take questions from end users. That is their choice in operating model, though it doesn't inspire the warm and fuzzy post sale service that I value in my purchase. So, keep up the good rep service Heartland!


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Hi Mammalian04,

You raise an interesting question about buying the 1st unit of a new floor plan.

Heartland has several manufacturing buildings and I'd expect all Oakmonts are built on the same line in the same building. So everyone working that line has lots of experience building Oakmont units. The new floor plan no doubt places some walls, counters, cabinets differently, but if that were challenging to get right, it would be a problem every time they build a trailer different from the one before it on the line.

I wouldn't be surprised if the Oakmont engineer babysits the first couple of units being built just in case something unexpected comes up.

If it were me, I wouldn't be concerned about getting the first unit.
Thanks for the reply Dan. I think I feel more comfortable with the construction after seeing one in person.

Below are some of my thoughts after walking it:

  • It is indeed WHITE. The exterior doesn't give the feel of a brand new trailer so I am not feeling great about that.
  • Most of the interior looks great. Large windows and a good mix of decorative wood give the interior a nice feel without being over done.
  • The linoleum tile pattern and color emphasizes that it is fake (looks cheap)
  • The ceiling pattern is nice. It is made to look like wall paneling and the pattern and color is pretty convincing (though it is fake)
  • One piece shower feels more solid than the more flimsy 2 piece showers
  • The shades are standard day/night shades (much to my dismay, roller shades are not offered)