Onan 5500 Generator


I need to change the fuel filter on my Onan 5500 Generator. I have a 2016 Torque T30. Where is it located and do I have to remove the generator to reach it?



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Based on this drawing, I'd say it's on the left, underneath. Hopefully someone who's changed one will have a more specific answer.
Onan locations drawing.JPG


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on the drawing that Dan has posted, see the mounting spring on the lower left of the unit.... the filter will be below this spring going into the electric fuel pump, usually accessed from below the compartment....

some gensets have 2 identical filters, one of them in the location that I mentioned, and one on the carb and some dont.... and some units are fuel injected, so no carb...

because the lower filter is such a small filter and hard to access, I would recommend you get a 5/16" x 1/8"npt barb fitting and install it in place of the filter, and then install an inline filter in a location thats easy to access... you may need 12-18" of 5/16 fuel line to connect to the barb fitting so the fitler can be relocated. the little filter is one of the main reasons for generator issues, because it doesnt take much to cause a restriction....

I recommend a baldwin 836 inline filter, because its a water trap as well.... carry a spare.


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you will find the primary filter under the Generator - accessible from underneath. Also you will find your low pressure pump in the same location. You may find a second filter that is at the end of the fuel line attached to the Carburetor. Newer designs of the Carb have eliminated the second filter - and Cummings says that it is not necessary. If you have one at the Carb - you can still get replacements for that filter. if you do not have one no worries it is most likely the newer carb design.