Open Shelves in Bathroom


Our "new to us" 2019 Hearland 26rlss has open shelves in the bathroom on wall by the sink. Shelves are only about 6 in wide. What does everyone put in them. I don't want to clutter with Toiletries as they are open. Any ideas??


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im not sure about your trailer or where exactly the shelves are, but on every RV ive ever owned, i installed decorative fronts to the "open" shelves so that they could hold something....

but even in some of the vanity cabinets, where they are rather shallow behind the door, I will install the tiny brass hooks on each side, and then use a high grade marine type bungie rope to make safeties so that when traveling, nothing can get nested against the door waiting to fall as soon as the vanity door is opened.... the same is done with the book shelves that I always have to install in my RV's...