Our New Home!



We are new to this site and so glad we found it, I've enjoyed looking at everyone's photos, modifications and helpful tips and tricks!!
We just bought our first Landmark Madison 365 5 months ago and we are first time 'Full Timers' and loving(it! We are amazed with all the room and upgraded features!! Big difference from the 2004 Cardinal 29ft we traded in! Not so happy about some of the issues (some major) we are finding and that we are going to have to take it back to the dealership for warranty work and since it is our home that means we have to find other living quarters while it's being worked on.. But still loving our new home and can't wait to go on our first real trip!


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Beautiful paint job! Congrats on going fulltime!

Hopefully, the issues are not too overwhelming. Feel free to share, as folks here my have insight that will help you through the process.

Often, dealers make the warranty process more difficult than it has to be. We as an owners forum try to help other owners, and recommend talking directly to Heartland customer service, to stay in the loop and make sure the approval process goes as smoothly as possible.


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Congratulations! Your new home looks great. Safe travels and enjoy.

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Congrats on your beautiful rig. Were your issues missed during your PDI or did they occur after delivery as in cropping up later? Lots of smart LM owners on this site with lots of knowledge to share. Keep as posted as to your issues and how they are handled. Enjoy your new LM and hope to meet you down the road.