Outside Shower Installation


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2017 Bighorn 3575EL

When we camp with the grandkids at the lake with only water and electric hook-up, I thought an outside shower would be an asset. They can fill up a grey tank real fast! Our Bighorn has an outside shower fixture in the wet bay which is useless for taking a shower.

I removed the shower fixture and replaced it with a spray port. (I will post another thread on that installation) I purchased an outside shower box, cut a big hole in the side wall and plumbed PEX tubing with shut off valves to the box. I used PVC pipe to form a shower curtain rod system. We used a suction shower head holder and shampoo tray. I purchased a teak platform to stand on.

After using it, I found that the shower box door laid over the exhaust vent of the furnace. I removed the door and can replace it when it’s not in use. When it’s cool out, we can turn the heat on and have a warm shower stall from the furnace exhaust. At night the scare light does a great job of lighting up the shower stall.

Overall, the project turned out well. I use a water meter to track our water usage and found we used 110 gallons on this 10 day stay and didn’t need to dump the tanks!


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